Underground | Short Story

The rain poured in to the cuts on her hands and in to her eyes. It stung, but at least she could feel her fingers again. She didn’t need them to tell her that the the bruise under her eye had turned in to a welt, or that the headache she was going to have…

Brain Fog | Short Story

November 9th, 2016 I’m a kid of the 20th century, I’ve seen zombie movies. It’s a theme that is recycled in different variations every year in movie theaters, comic books and television shows season after season. Zombies have been in almost every culture in the world

Fall | Poem

Everyone around me is falling apart. Maybe we’ve reached max capacity for grief. Maybe our gauges have gone mad and cracked and the steam train whistle that’s been closing in on us with it’s Cyclops eye finally hit us. Maybe this is where we fall and crumble in to rubble. Maybe this is the resting…

Night Lights | Short Story

Twilight had taken over our path and the leaves glowed amber with the last rays of sunlight as night began to take its place. We had thought it would be a good idea: a romantic, sweet evening watching the sunset from the top of the hill, with the dusk settling in just as we finished…

Blog? What Blog?

Oh that’s right, this blog!   No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. No, I haven’t stopped writing. Life just happened again,

Moved, Blocked, Progressing

It just hit me today that I haven’t posted on here in the longest of all my platforms. There were reasons. Many of them. Moving, traveling, anxiety, therapy, first anxiety attack in 3 months, getting myself on track with everything. A lot of it comes down to something that I think a lot of creative…

Shared Ideas | Short Story

Coffee cup rings were the most consistent adornment of his tiny desk, shoved into the corner of the spare room. It wasn’t much, but it was his. On some days it didn’t feel like much to him either, but most days it was his salvation.

Stolen Stars | Short Story

That night, I stole the stars. There were so many I didn’t think anyone would notice, so I reached up, and plucked one, like a cherry ripe with the season, and studied it in my hands.

Whelp, Its Been a Month

Which is way way longer than I ever like to go without posting. 2 weeks is my usual, and I like to keep it that way.

Shield Maidens | Poetry

CW: references to assault/victim blaming   Oceans ripple, then rise, then come crashing at the feet of a woman wronged and discarded as soon as her mouth has released the words, indelible now that they have their place on the world. She cannot retreat behind the borders of false allies now.

The Forest of Lescha | Short Story

Wherever there is true darkness there are those who will be drawn to it. Some will be drawn by the desire to change or extinguish the dark with their own gift of blinding light, while others will seek only to revel in it, to absorb its chaos and stand at the center of its swirling storm. Others though, will seek to chain it, bridle it and use it as a beast of burden, better suited to the abuse of its station than those who drive it.

Short Story | Last Days of Summer

This story was originally created for my supporters over at Patreon.         She walked the familiar path towards the lake, the buzzing electrical light on the post of the dock a bobbing  beacon that hid and reappeared behind tree branches and brush. All around her the sound of tree frogs echoed and…