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I realized that I haven’t really said anything about my Patreon profile on here. Basically what it comes down to is that I love to write. Its on my mind all the time, and I do it every day. Right now I’m working on my short stories, but I’m also working on a novel under the working title of Mark Of Life, as well as actively writing for a podcast that will be premiering this December.

If you like what you’ve seen on this blog, please consider becoming a patron. For as little as $2 per month you can really help me follow my goals, and you can be a part of the process. You can also customize your donation amount, if you don’t want to pick one of the levels already set up. Patrons get advanced access to my work, any videos I make, anything that I post on this blog. They also get early access to my Tea Talk videos, a twice a week video series that I started doing, and at higher levels of support can collaborate with me, be part of my editing or refining process, and can help suggest topics or new ideas for my projects.

If you like what you’ve seen here, please consider becoming my Patron by following this link


Your support means everything.

Thank you, we now return to your regularly scheduled programming.



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