Whelp, I’m behind. Are you behind? ‘Cause I’m behind. The day that NaNo started I was getting a tattoo and that somehow ended up taking over my entire day, and on the second day, well, I forgot. So it is day 5 now as I am writing this, and I am at 4,292 words — I haven’t started writing today — and I should be at 6,668. I’m catching up, hopefully, and I’m feeling good about my progress so far. I started out with a pretty well flushed out outline, and I’m working off of that. My outlines are pretty rough, but this is how I have mine set up:

– Section of the book (I have mine broken up in to three sections)

– General smaller section

– Scene

I adopted this method when I started using Scrivener. I know some people have their scenes outlined as well, but I haven’t really done that for this project, though I use it when I’m working on my podcast scripts. To be honest, working on my novel Mark Of Life is the first time that I really sat down and made an outline and I’m so incredibly happy that I did. Its a fantastic way of organizing my thoughts and I’m using it on my other projects now. Scrivener is also helping me with that and that’s a new tool that I’m using as well.

I also find it interesting how my perception of how NaNoWriMo works is changing. For some reason I had this thought that you and to sit down and write beginning to end, and you couldn’t jump around or anything. I have a tendency when I’m writing to be working on a scene and get stuck. When this happens I’ll move to the scene immediately after and then go back to my first scene where I was having problems and figure out how to get from point A to point B. Knowing the situation that the characters have to end up in helps me figure out how they get there. Not only is that perception changing, I’m finding that NaNo is a fantastic exercise in using a daily writing schedule. My days start a little bit later so I’ve started getting up and writing before work and then keeping a notebook with me so that during any breaks I end up having I can sit down in a coffee shop and sketch out my ideas to type out later. Personally I love keeping a notebook with me. Its lighter than my laptop and sometimes the ideas come out better on paper than they do on  a keyboard.

Do you guys have any favorite tools for NaNo? Were you already a daily writer or is this your first time sitting down like this? Are you guys on track or — dare I say it — ahead? Or are you playing the catch up game like me?