Okay, I was behind last week, and I’m still a little bit behind overall (less than a thousand words to be fully caught up though so yay!) and this is getting me in to the every day writing groove which is absolutely fantastic! Thanks to a new job, I have a far more normalized schedule and this means that I’m starting to be able to sit down and work at the same time every day. There is a part of me never really believed that this helped creativity — even though this is a recommendation by literally anyone talking to writers ever — but I am being proven incredibly wrong.


With the catch up in word count has come some interesting turns in the story, some things that my characters have decided to that I didn’t give them permission to do, some places that they went that I was very definitely not expecting them to go, and I’m wondering how much of this will be kept later on? I’m starting to find that this is part of the fun of NaNo, just letting my characters play.


If your’e participating, how’s it going? Are your characters doing things that you didn’t expect?