Okay, so you know how I was behind Week 1, then I was caught up Week 2? Well, Week 3 looks a lot like Week 1. Still adjusting to work, which left me exhausted and the holiday schedule is insane so it kind of kicked my writing schedule out the window. I haven’t written much at all this week, but I am hoping to catch up this weekend and do a couple of sprints on Saturday and Sunday.


Now with all of that said, I’m really glad that I took a couple of nights completely off from writing. Yes, Im going to have to push harder to get back to the word count that I’m aiming for this weekend, but I know that I caught back up before. Mentally, I just needed a break. I took a night and went to a show, another night went to an essay night (Anyone in Chicago should go to The Book Cellar every third Monday) and it really helped with my mental stress. You can’t pull from an empty well, so sometimes you have to sit back and take in some of the stuff around you, even if its watching Galaxy Quest and playing Assasin’s Creed one night instead of writing. We can’t produce content all the time with no down time whatsoever.


SO to wrap that up: DEFINITELY BEHIND, but very okay with the reasons behind being behind. Im going to catch up this weekend and hopefully I’ll be back on track by Monday. 🙂


Do any of you have tricks for getting caught up when you’ve gotten behind your goal? Mine is usually just a writing marathon with music and tea.


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