Honestly, I never really believed that this was  thing, the NaNo hangover. I heard my friends talk about it jokingly afterwards, in the days after they’d finished writing a ridiculous number of words and were hanging over a cup of coffee like it was a life source. Well, as I sit here wrapped in my comfiest of comforters, hanging over a cup of tea and debating if its worth pulling myself out of said comforter for food, I fully  understand where they are coming from. But here’s the important thing:


We did it.


Congratulations to all those who have won NaNoWriMo 2015!


I started my story almost two years ago, just after I graduated college. When I started NaNo it was at just over 16k words, and after NaNo it now clocks in at 66, 640. Mark of Life (working title) is still far from over, my characters have a long way to go to get themselves home and discover the truth, but I am fifty thousand words closer to them coming home victorious. The best parts about finishing NaNoWriMo:


  • I proved to myself I can do it — I have this terrible habit of starting projects or challenges and then dropping off part way through, especially with my writing. This time I did, I did the thing!
  • I got in to the habit of writing every day — This may seem like a natural thing for some writers but it wasn’t for me, mostly because I hadn’t been taking my writing seriously, but NaNo got me in to the habit of working in the back of my head during the day, writing on my breaks at work and actually spending time on something.
  • I met awesome people — I really didn’t expect this one to happen, but I met some really cool writers and I got closer with some of my writer friends thanks to NaNo. It feels great to start building a community.

One of the fears that kept coming up this whole month was the good old writer standby: “What if the last sentence I wrote — which is of course complete horse shit — is the last sentence I can write? What if my creative well runs dry? What if I never create anything good ever again?!?!?!” Well, it turns out that usually if you have over fifty thousand words of a story in your head and keep having little bits and pieces of other stories fall out at the same time, your creative well is probably not drying up any time soon. This is a fear that constantly comes up and will probably continue to come up in its own time on its own rounds, but this time I’ve beaten it. What makes me really happy is that while I sit here exhausted, cocooned and not wanting to go to work, I want more. I want to write more and read more, I have a hunger for it that I have not felt since I was a kid. NaNoWriMo 2015 might just be the best decision I made this year.