Well, this seemed to help me stay on my goals last month, so I’m going to keep doing this. Last month was NaNoWriMo, and now that my brain slightly less resembles my morning oatmeal, its time for me to figure out what my next step is going to be. So here are my writing plans for December:


  • Finish My Rough Draft
    • I made a LOT of progress on The Mark Of Life, but I still have work to get done on it. I’ve figured out some of the edits I need to do already, I kept notes in my draft while I was writing, but its time for the last push and get the rough draft done!
  • Podcast Episode
    • I’m working on a podcast that will be airing its first episode by Christmas, and that means that whoops! I need to write the second one! The first one is done and ready to go, the second one is outlined, now I just need to get the bits filled in.
  • Short Works
    • I love working on my novel, but I want to get back to doing some of my shorter stories and poems again. I really enjoy it, and now that I’m out of the NaNo haze, my little short bursts of work seem to be coming back to me.
  • Read
    • While I’ve definitely gotten back in to the swing of always having a book to read, I want to increase my reading speed. I’ve always been a bit of a slow reader, but it seems to help to always have something going. Well, considering the fact that I’m currently reading three books (Hunger Games, Boneshaker, Zombies Vs Robots: This Means War!)
  • Book Reviews?
    • I have a couple of books that I’ve read that I have been going bad and forth on doing review videos for. A couple of them are comic books, a couple of them are novels, and I keep hedging about whether or not I’ll do them. Likely with everything going on in December I will hold off on doing any videos until January, if I do, but I’d like to at least, you know, make a decision on it.

Those are my plans for December! What are your plans now that the NaNo haze has lifted from our brains? Also, what are you guys reading?