New Year, New Projects

I had planned on a way to put this out in a more staggered pattern, as per my usual, however December has proven to be incredibly busy, so I am going to post this all together. I will be starting a couple of new projects in the new year, which my patrons on Patreon will have early access to and input on. Most of them will also be available to the public.

Week 1 – Tea Talks

In case you haven’t been following these, it is a video series that I started doing which is essentially me talking about different things in relation to working in the arts, or things that are going in the arts community.

Week 2 – Review

I have been wanting to start doing review videos again for a while. Reviews and discussions of books and comics were the first videos that I ever did, and I will be doing one per month.

Week 3 – Read With Me

I will be reading, recording, and posting readings of my shorter works or excerpts from my longer ones.

I will be leaving the fourth week of the month as a week to just work on content and projects. I will still be posting weekly rough drafts of new work. Beginning at the $5/month level, Patrons get access to my work a week before it is published to the public on either youtube or to my blog, and all patrons will have input on any comics or novels you would like me to read and review.

If you want early access to my work, input on what I work on next, or just to support my work, check out my Patreon and consider donating.


Here’s to a new year, finishing old projects and starting new ones!




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