Okay, so sometimes money talks, but I’ve had this conversation, or some variation of it multiple times recently:

Friend: What you’re doing is awesome, and I love your Patreon, but I can’t afford to support you financially, but I support you and read your stuff and watch your videos!


First of all, you have no idea how much I love hearing this, and how much it means to me. Second of all, I do not ever want someone to support me at their own financial detriment. Even if it is just a dollar, take care of yourselves before supporting, please. Third: There are many non-financial ways to support content creators that you admire, enjoy, or simply want to see more content from.


  1. Interact With Them

Do you read all of their stories? Watch all their videos? Let them know! Liking and commenting on content not only helps give us a little boost in the “people like me, they really like me!” department, but it also helps with getting our sites more easily reached online. Sharing is another way of interacting with us. If you share our content, or a link to our channel or blog, you put our name out in a network that we wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise, and that is incredibly important to us!


2. Subscribe

This is not just for Youtube channels(though if you do, make sure you turn on notifications). If you like someone’s written work, you can most likely subscribe to their blog via email. If you already have an account on their platform, go ahead and sign up for notifications! Again, this lets us know that people like what we are creating and to keep making more of it. In some cases like Youtube, we are able to make more customized content when we have more subscribers (Example: I would like to change my URL to reflect my name on other social media, but I can’t until I have a certain number of subscribers. This would not only make my channel look cleaner, but would make it easier to find me on youtube).


3. Stick With us

Just keep reading. Keep sending us that text that says “Hey, I saw the story this week and it was awesome!” or “I liked the beginning, but what are you planning with the end?” Just let us know that you are interested in the content that we are creating.


To make a long story short, yes, financial support is wonderful and appreciated beyond any words that I could find to express my gratitude to those who have been able to do so. But. If you aren’t able to pledge, or even if you just want to see how our body of work grows before putting in money, but still want to support us, there are other ways to help us grow as artists that are extremely valuable. A very sincere thank you to all those who read my stories, watch my videos, follow my twitter or tumblr, or interact with me in any way. Knowing that my work is at least being seen by people who are interested in it helps keep me writing.