I’m going to depart from my regularly scheduled literary focused programming for a moment. Mental health is something that we, as artists, are, as a group, terrible at. We push ourselves too hard, we work ridiculous hours, we scrutinize ourselves beyond any measure that anyone would even think to, and we do it in the name of creation. It is hard as an artist and as a person to remember that the internal critic voice is not the only one in the choir, and that taking care of yourself is just as valid a concern as taking care of your boss’s to do list, your projects waiting to be finished and your partner’s needs.


You are important.


Kiri Callaghan is a Youtuber, author, bard, and all around wonderful person whose content has created a community of similarly awesome individuals. She has spent a lot of January talking about mental health, and at the end of the month she often sets aside January 30th as a day of self care in remembrance of her late brother. If there is one thing that I have learned from this absolutely beautiful group of people, it is that no matter what you are never alone, and you are always worthy and deserving of care, from yourself especially. This post is my plan for Saturday, January 30th. I do have to run an errand for work that day, but it is minor. On January 30th I will:


  • Take my first aerial arts class (something I have wanted to do for years)
  • Color for at LEAST 20 minutes
  • Do my hair and makeup
  • Buy myself some clothes (as someone who has lost weight and gained a personal style in its place, this is a big deal for me)
  • Play The Wolf Among Us
  • Breath


These are all things that to some people may seem inconsequential, but all of them are things that I struggle with making time for. Yes, some days it feels like I have to put “breath” on my to do list, other wise I will forget to. My request, or hope rather, for you this weekend, is that you can give yourself a day, an hour, however long you can, to take care of yourself. You deserve it.


Please check out Kiri’s youtube. She is an incredibly talented creator