Yeah, I know, this is super huge news to all of us creative types, but somehow I seem to forget that day jobs have this annoying tendency to take up the majority of my time and that they really REALLY like to switch things around on you. Even when this is for the better in the rest of your life, having a sudden change always slams right in to a time when I’m getting super creative or super busy and that means that something has to give. Unfortunately my bills can’t seem to go on hold as easily as my deadlines, so guess which one has to give way? You guessed it!


In lieu of finishing my outline for another novel or finally starting to get my rough draft printed so that I can edit it, I end up crashing early so that I can get up early. This isn’t helped by the fact that when said upheaval happens, my physical care routine goes out the window and all that super awesome energy I get from yoga and working out is no longer available to me.


Okay, rant done, but you get my point. I love my day job, I get to work with animals, and its flexible enough to leave me open to work, it just has a bit of a wonky time frame(s). I got a schedule figured out for myself last week and am finding that sticking to it is helping. My learning curve has been kind of slow on this, and I’m only now learning to roll with the day job punches and keep myself together when things like this happen. If anyone has suggestions on how to keep hitting deadlines when life throws you a curveball, by all means, please share your motivational/organizational tips and tricks.