I have an issue that I think a lot of writers share: I have trouble finishing things.


Scratch that. This is a trait that I think all CREATORS share. I know painters with half finished canvases, writers with partial manuscripts and mael artists with half finished scale mael gloves sitting in their workshops. We all do it. Personally, I can create rough drafts, partial ideas, beginnings like a fish breaths water. What I’m not so great at? Coming to the end. I made a video over on my youtube channel about this, and at the end I issued a challenge to anyone watching: pull something down off that dusty shelf or from the back of the closet or from that file on your hard drive and finish it this month. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect, it just has to be there.




Personally, I am dragging out a half started — not even half finished — short story that was supposed to be submitted to a deadline for a contest long past that didn’t even make it past infancy.  Over the next three-and-a-half-ish weeks I’m going to be posting this over on my Patreon page as public posts, so that anyone who wants to play along is welcome to do so.


This blog is also one of my ongoing projects that I intend on “finishing” this month. There will likely be a revamp in name, possibly a new coat of paint, and definitely more posts.  So for the month of June, I challenge anyone reading this: Pull something down, brush it off, and finish it this month. I’ll be posting links to everything that’s on my Patreon on here as well. Let’s make something together, or at least tweet, comment and think some encouraging things in each others’ general direction.