So here’s the thing: I haven’t kept up this blog the way I want to. That seems pretty obvious. I like doing the monthly outlook/recap post, but I had intended this for my stories and I keep feeling like I’m not allowed to post random “creative life” type stuff.


Whelp, that’s changing.

I’m going to be doing a bit of a revamp to the blog. I’m going to be posting more stuff that’s not stories, especially seeing as most of those get posted through my Patreon. But I like talking about the lives of writers and creative people. I like discussing what I’m doing, how its affecting my work, random shit that flies out of my brain and on to the page because, frankly, that’s what most of us creatives really do. We pick something that flew out of our brain and happened to come out really pretty and we make it in to a thing. Sometimes prettier than before, sometimes uglier, but its always something that came from us.


There will likely be a name and some formatting changes. Definitely more sharing with other blogs because there are some really fantastic people out there who deserve to have their work shared more than it is. There will still be stories, there will still be “What I’m reading/doing” posts, but from here on out, I am relinquishing the requirement that only stories may pass through my keys and on to this page. Welcome to my creative canvas.

I started making videos and posting on blogs because I love starting conversations, giving jumping off points, bringing people together and having conversations. Its part of why I love to write: If I can get people to ask questions and start talking, then I can help to affect change, even if its only in one person.

A friend of mine keeps a blog entitled “Brainspew in Lieu of Wit” and I have always thought that was so perfectly named. So, for lack of a less potentially disgusting term, welcome to my brain spew. Let’s start some conversations, write some stories, and find the truth in both.


With love and honesty,