Its been a rough couple of weeks. Stanford rapist. Orlando shooting. If you live in Chicago like I do, you’ve also seen the surfacing of years long abuse allegations against a theater company that has now closed its doors.  A friend of mine asked the question “What do artists do in this situation?” as they were off to perform at a pride event with the thoughts of Orlando so recently in their mind. I think a lot of us are left with this question in the wake of events such as these, especially when they hit our community, especially when we are content creators. Here is my answer to that question:


If you are a writer, write more. If you paint, make films, sing, do it. Create more, create loudly, create with people. Take the voice that you have, take the community that you have and create as much as you possibly can, because while we often feel so small when we are on our own, a chorus is made up of tens of voices, and a storm is made up of thousands of rain drops. Take whatever foot hold you have and lift up your voice, the voice of your community, the voices of those who refuse to stand by and say nothing. Use your voice as a citizen, use your voice as an artist, and refuse to be quieted. As artists we have the unique position of being able to show society itself through the guise of imitation. Dystopian novels, symbolic painting, poetry, films, stories of all kinds. In the wake of awful events, don’t forget this power.

I have felt all of these events across all of my communities. I refuse to be quiet, I refuse to let the hate make me hate, and I refuse to stop making my art, if anything it proves to me that we need to keep talking, and giving people reasons and avenues through which to talk.

I’ll start posting regularly next week, but I needed to put this out there.