For those who do not know, I keep a Patreon page for my writing and videos related to books, writing, etc. This weekend I decided to make a smaller goal for myself, one that will unlock when I hit $50/month of patron support — which I realized when posting it is only about $10 away! — of recording my finished stories and posting them in audio form.


I sat down to record a story for my friends podcast (more information to come) and realized that I finally have the audio set up that I felt I needed to create more audio-based content. So here we go!


Patreon is really a wonderful site where you can directly support content creators whose work you enjoy, for as little is $1 a month. That might sound like nothing and it might seem like that could not possibly ever support someone, but honestly just knowing that there are people out there who think that my work could be worth a dollar is so incredible and makes me want to create even more for you, for everyone. It also helps support artists financially.

My other 2 milestones are

$100/ month

At this goal I will start writing a patron only, patron driven monthly or bi monthly story. Think “Choose your own adventure” style stories, driven by the patrons. I can’t wait to get to this goal!


$200/ month

The Patron only story will be turned in to a monthly podcast, potentially with voices other than my own to help me tell the stories. I cannot express how excited I would be to be able to do this!


My patrons get early access to my work, and at some levels get to see the rough drafts of my writing, in process updates of my novel, and  other Patron only content, such as the audio recordings that I’m planning on making of the stories.

If you have a moment, any support at all is incredibly appreciated, and even if you don’t want to support me, go check out other incredibly talented people over there. A couple of people I support on Patreon are Nika Harper and Kiri Callaghan both of whom are incredibly talented women who deserve all of the support.