There is a constant stream of talk on the #amwriting side of twitter and the internet. We as creators use it a lot and it has definitely led me to meeting some wonderful and creative writers. The other side of this, however, is that a lot of our discussion about our writing is condensed down in to very vague, 140 characters or less quips about coffee, ornery characters that aren’t doing our bidding, or the severe lack of sleep that editing is incurring on us.


I had a Skype call the other day with a friend of mine who has become my sounding board, and the person who will read whatever moderately edited first or 1c3bfc0659b912ddbb7d88e667cf119asecond draft I create. When I asked her if I’d told her about my book, she said “No! You’ve been very vague and guarded.” Huh. I thought I talked about it all the time. I thought I was annoying about it. I started to wonder if maybe it was always in my head so much that I just forgot to verbalize
to the rest of the world what I was working on, to the rest of the people who may actually be interested in what I’m writing. I ask for support for my writing, but does anyone actually know what I’m working on? Or am I that mad scientist secondary character in an 80s movie that is surrounded by beakers and machines, but no one ever knows what it is they actually do?


With that thought in mind, I sat down and created a few digestible blurbs for my 3 main projects: My novel, my anthology, and my patron driven story.

My Novel

Title: Mark of Life [Working Title]

Progress: Am Writing

What is it?: Significant events in life produce such vivid changes in a person, and the life of Una is no different. The Kaenam Markings appear after great loss, love, fear, or transitions in life. That’s just how it is: images, patterns and splashes of color on the skin  that tell the story of the soul for the world to see. She lives among people whose bodies tell their stories and hers is the same. Except Una’s story has a mystery. She has one mark on her back that she can never remember receiving, one that marks her as a Losal – someone who has prophetic dreams and visions. She has always been told that Losals are born with it, that it is just the way they are: born with the mark as they are born with the sight. It isn’t until she is going through her teacher’s oldest manuscripts that she begins to see patterns in the lives of the prophets who have come before her: Each of them had an “Activation Event”, an experience that made them Losal. None were born with the vision, as she had been told. Now Una must find out what happened to her, and why her family and friends have lied to her her entire life.

My Anthology

Title: Shadowed Laughter [Working Title]

Progress: Am Collecting/Am Writing

Blurb: I have always loved to read and write dark supernatural short stories. From faeries to phoenixes, to things you can’t quite explain, but know are there, right behind your back or staring you in the face, this is a collection of my twisted fairytales. Some are based on mythologies and folk stories, some are brand new.


My Patron Driven Story

Title: Crystal and Scarlet

Progress: Part 1 out of 5 available on my patreon.

Part 1 available now for my patrons!

Blurb: Angela Mordeau is a psychic. She will see your aura, read your palm, and stare in to a crystal ball for dramatic effect. On  occasion she will even see your death. This isn’t unusual for her, until she begins to see the murders of a supernatural serial killer. Now Angela must try to stop whatever is murdering the mortals of Chicago.


These are all available in part or entirely on my Patreon page. I’m also working on a mythology based project to post on here exclusively, but with life being insane, those have been my 3 big projects.