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Zoë Mikel-Stites


For a more mundane and boring bio, scroll down.

Some say that Zoë was sprouted in the swamps of Florida, destined to be a story crafter. As a child she gripped the whittled sticks left behind from campfires, and used their charred ends to tell stories that no one would be able to decipher for years to come, but it was undeniable that she found meaning in the scribbled markings left behind on the trees. These markings can still be found, though few dare to venture into the mysterious murk and wilderness that is her homeland.

Others say that she was born to a life of science fiction and books. As she grew her insistence that just because you grow old does not mean that you have to grow up, lead her to a life in pursuance of creating stories.

But that would be silly.

Now, she has integrated into human life, but has refused to forsake her roots of the wild, of the fantastical. She clings to them by crafting stories, podcasts, videos and paintings, anything she can to bring back the rush of the swampland magicks that spawned her imagination.


Hi! I honestly hate writing bios, and when I get frustrated I make them ridiculous in order to get out of my frustration. Thanks for sticking with me! My name is Zoë Mikel-Stites and I’m a storyteller. Now, that’s a very broad term, but it is the most accurate to what I do. I write (podcasts, short stories, a book eventually) and paint, among a myriad of other hobbies. To me these are all just different ways of telling stories. Sometimes these mediums end up being abstract and strange, but that’s usually my favorite. My dream is to one day be a full time content creator, and to be able to inspire those who may look for non-traditional ways to be creatively supported.


If you like what I post on here, please consider supporting my writing over on my Patreon page . That is where I post a lot of my short stories, rough drafts and at certain levels of support portions of my novel. You can also find me on twitter as @_ZenGirl_ or on Tumblr at




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