Blog? What Blog?

Oh that’s right, this blog!   No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. No, I haven’t stopped writing. Life just happened again, Advertisements

Whelp, Its Been a Month

Which is way way longer than I ever like to go without posting. 2 weeks is my usual, and I like to keep it that way.

Narrow Down Education and Artists

Hi, my name is Zoe and I’m a writer. Hi, my name is Zoe and I’m a painter. Hi, I’m a photographer Hi, I’m a designer Hi, I’m an . . .   It took a really long time for me to be willing to fill the end of that sentence with the word “Artist”. I…

Spreading a Little Love, Support and Inspiration

I noticed  a couple of years ago that when asked for your inspirations or influences, most people would provide examples of extremely high level people in their fields. While this is true of everyone, there seems to be an odd hesitance to recognize people who are not world famous as being an influence on your…

New Years Resolutions

Its that time of year again, where people make decisions about what they want to change about themselves in the new year. I usually do this around my birthday since that makes more sense to me than a random date on the calendar,

On the Care and Maintenance of Writers

This post was originally created over on my Patreon Page. In recent years we have seen an explosion in the market for Literary Creation Companions, commonly known as “Writers”.

1 Year Later, a Funny Thing Happened

So I just realized that I am very bad at asking. It makes me uncomfortable and twitchy and frankly I need to get over it. I’ve had my Patreon page up for

Alys: The Terra Mirrum Chronicles – Releasing on October 31st

I don’t re-read books. Its just not something that I do. I tend to remember stories pretty well, and have only begun to have the inclination to re-read my favorites within the last few years, but in general its not something that I do. The one exception to this pattern is Alys:

Male Sexuality In Video Games and Equal Opportunity Nudity

There is a lot of discussion that centers around the sexualization of female characters in video games, especially when it comes to marginalized roles as male characters’ side kicks and the absolute impracticality of bikini-mail. In watching video games such as The Witcher play out however, there is an aspect to the use — or…

What am I writing?

There is a constant stream of talk on the #amwriting side of twitter and the internet. We as creators use it a lot and it has definitely led me to meeting some wonderful and creative writers. The other side of this, however, is that a lot of our discussion about our writing is condensed down…

Breaking News: Milestone Annihilated

Yesterday I posted an excerpt from the story that I wanted to start writing as part of a patron driven story, and I was very close to the milestone. Then my patrons blew me out of the water.   By 9AM we had passed the milestone I was aiming for and by the afternoon we…