On the Care and Maintenance of Writers

This post was originally created over on my Patreon Page. In recent years we have seen an explosion in the market for Literary Creation Companions, commonly known as “Writers”.

Ox Blood | Short Story

This story was originally created for my supporters over on Patreon. If you enjoy it and would like to support my work, please consider becoming a patron.   She dipped her fingers in to the pool and pulled them out slick and dripping with life.

Questions of Faith| Short Story

This short story was originally created for my amazing patrons over at Patreon. If you enjoy it and would like to support my work, please consider becoming a patron.

Female Characters in Video Games, Dotnod Interview

The creation of dynamic, diverse female characters in video games has become more and more of an issue as time — and staristics — have proven that women make up roughly half of the consumer group, and we are not going anywhere. Today I wanted to share this interview from Game Industry with te CEO…

5 Lies Every Writer Tells

Originally posted on Writers Block:
The first story that I can remember writing, I was 14 years old, and my family and I were leaving TX and moving to NC.  The house we had lived in was the first place that had felt like home, and I was very sad to leave it.  I remember…

January 30 – A Day of Self Care

I’m going to depart from my regularly scheduled literary focused programming for a moment. Mental health is something that we, as artists, are, as a group, terrible at. We push ourselves too hard, we work ridiculous hours, we scrutinize ourselves beyond any measure that anyone would even think to, and we do it in the…

How I Met My Publisher (And Other Writer Questions Answered)

Originally posted on Alyson Grauer:
Upon learning that I am a Published Author, fellow writerly types often ask How I Got Published. I’m happy to answer, and to save on even more time, I thought I’d trot this out as a link that can be referenced anytime the story is prompted. “How did you get…

13 Days 13 Shorts – Fresh Off The Shelf

    She couldn’t remember how long she’d been on the shelf. Memory is a funny thing when you don’t have  brain. But then one day she walked in. Have you ever had that feeling when you first meet someone? Not even meet, when you first see someone and you know, you just know that…

13 days 13 shorts – Pupmkin Flavored Everything

This is my first submission to 13 Days 13 Shorts! If you want rough drafts of my work, to follow along with my Tea Talk videos, or just to say hi, check out my Patreon (www.Patreon.com/ZMS). Also check out my Twitter and Youtube!