Short Story | Fire and Brimstone

She heard a crack as he entered the small clearing, a branch having given way beneath a boot, and his long jacket swept the ground, leaving just the slightest trail in the dirt behind him. She hadn’t been able to see him in the dark, but then again you could rarely see them clearly in the daylight either. She didn’t stir, but simply turned her head to watch him as he sat across the fire from her. Continue reading

Old gods Rising | Short Story

This story was originally created for my patrons over on Patreon, and I’ll really never be able to thank them enough.
On the long conference table lay an array of seemingly random objects, most extravagant in their design and execution, all of them expertly crafted by hands whose work has not been see in this world for many centuries. There was an uncomfortable quiet Continue reading

Kilgrave, Jessica Jones and Addressing Sexual Assault

Jessica Jones, Kilgrave and Addressing Sexual Assault

By Zoë Mikel-Stites

In November 2015, floating in the sea of TV releases of comic book based shows, we saw the emergence of Jessica Jones. This is in my opinion singlehandedly one of the most important media portrayals of sexual assault, abuse and the life of survivors.  It managed to be honest, uncomfortable and unflinching, without Continue reading

Male Sexuality In Video Games and Equal Opportunity Nudity

There is a lot of discussion that centers around the sexualization of female characters in video games, especially when it comes to marginalized roles as male characters’ side kicks and the absolute impracticality of bikini-mail. In watching video games such as The Witcher play out however, there is an aspect to the use — or rather lack of – male sexuality in these same games that bears discussion. Continue reading

Breaking News: Milestone Annihilated

Yesterday I posted an excerpt from the story that I wanted to start writing as part of a patron driven story, and I was very close to the milestone. Then my patrons blew me out of the water.


By 9AM we had passed the milestone I was aiming for and by the afternoon we had hit the $100 per month goal. So now, I will be writing a patron driven, patron only story as a monthly podcast over on my Patreon Page. I am so incredibly thankful and blown away by this and I am so excited to start making even more art. I cannot thank my patrons enough.

If you enjoyed the excerpt that I posted and want to see where it goes, or maybe even have a hand in it, consider supporting. I am listing the perks from my page below, but as always thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing with me.


Patreon Perks

$1 / month

  • 1 vote for the direction of the patron only story
  • Access to patron only feed

$5/ month

  • All of the above
  • 3 votes total for the direction of the patron only story
  • A hand written thank you card from me
  • Early access to youtube videos

$10 / month

  • All of the above
  • 5 votes total for the direction of the patron only story
  • Access to rough drafts/in progress work on short stories

$25/ month

  • All of the above
  • A monthly flash fiction (roughly 500 words)


$50 / month

  • All of the above
  • Progress updates on my big projects: My novel and anthology. This includes character sketches, rough chapters, early preview of the contributions to the anthology, etc. things that most people won’t see until I find a way to publish these projects.


I add levels and goals whenever I can so that people can find ones that suit them better, and these are current as of the day that I post this. Thank you again to everyone who is supporting me and to anyone who may in the future. Even the smallest amount of support, financial or otherwise, help make an artists’ dreams come to life.